I HAVE A PURPOSE

It hardly seems possible that eight years have passed since my first book was published. So much has happened since I put the last dot to the last paragraph and turned in the manuscript. Throughout those years, I have heard from scores of readers who have been inspired and motivated after reading the book. Last week, I received a phone call from Reverend Williams, a minister from a local church in my neighborhood. He had purchased the book at a garage sale. The conversation went something like this:

“Hello, Ms. Rhoades. I just had to call to let you know what your book has meant to me. I will be seventy-five-years-old next week, and I was having a difficult time with it. Your book has inspired me and given me a reason to find my purpose. I know God inspired you to write this book, and I have told several people about it. You also have a purpose. Thank you for writing it.”

Why am I here is a question that often plagues many members of the grey-haired club. When Youth Fades has helped many others like Reverend Williams to find the answer, including Patty, a fellow resident who moved to Georgia from Minnesota. She even purchased a second copy for the library in her home church back in Minnesota.

Reverend William’s phone call has give me a renewed assignment. Yes, I do have a purpose.  Simply put, God’s purpose in helping me to write His words in When Youth Fades did not end with the last page. I am convinced that he wants me to get this message of hope, inspiration  and renewed purpose to as many seniors as possible. The following excerpt from the first chapter speaks not just to the reader but also to me, the author:

“Believe it or not, God still has a plan for you. Our assignment or purpose does not end with our first Social Security check. And no expiration dates comes with the following promises:  They shall bear fruit in old age (Psalm 92:14). Even to your old age, I am He, and even to grey hairs I will carry you (Isa.46:4a).”

Thanks for helping me spread this message.  Give a gift of hope and newfound purpose to a senior family member, friend, or neighbor this Christmas season.

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A wonderful book that sings with joy.” Dr. E. Maynard, Professor,  

        “The golden years are God’s best years.”   Jan Coleman, author

“Give the gift that never stops giving

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